What is a Labyrinth?

A labyrinth is a geometrical design portraying a winding path from a starting point to a goal. It is marked out on the ground and, unlike a maze, has only one path: you exit the same way you enter. You cannot become lost walking a labyrinth. Labyrinth practice dates back to the 4th century or earlier. A contemporary Christian might walk the labyrinth as an aid to contemplative prayer and reflection. The labyrinth journey is about centering yourself, drawing closer to God (the center), and returning to the world refreshed and reenergized. As you wind your way around the labyrinth, approaching the center, you gradually let go of the concerns of the day. 

Your invitation...

The labyrinth at McGregor is free and open to the public. We invite you to drop by for a spiritual walk surrounded by God's good and beautiful creation anytime it suits your schedule. We will soon offer audio guided meditations to use as you walk. Watch for our first one to drop during Holy Week as we prepare our hearts, minds, spirits and bodies for Easter!

How to walk a labyrinth:

Labyrinths can be walked in three stages:

Stage 1 --  Release: Walking into the Labyrinth

As you enter and move to the center, consider the twists and turns your life has taken or is taking now. What is going on inside you, in your world? What weighs on your heart and mind? What questions do you have for God? Take your time as you walk as you contemplate these things and share your joys, concerns, hopes with God.

Stage 2 --  Receive: Reaching the Center

As you reach the center, pause and listen to God. Is there anything you need to leave here? Is there anything you need to take up? When you are ready, turn your attention back to the waiting world outside of this space.

Stage 3 -- Return: Reconnecting with the Outside World

When you are ready, begin walking out by the same path you came in. As you follow the path out, reflect upon your time with God.

Finally, exit the labyrinth considering any changes you have been invited to consider, actions you might take and/or relationships you might start or strengthen. And wherever your continuing journey finds you, pray in that place as well. 

A few suggestions:

  • Begin in silence. Walk slowly with an open heart and mind. Become aware of your breath. Let go of thoughts, judgments, and internal commentaries. Allow yourself to find the pace at which your body wants to go. Be present to the moment.
  • If you meet someone on the labyrinth, just step to one side and let them pass.
  • You may stay in the center as long as you wish, being respectful of others coming in.
  • The path out of the labyrinth is the exact reverse of the path into the labyrinth.
  • This is a beautiful and calm place to pray and meditate for wellness. It is a tool for peace and love. May you be blessed each time you walk this labyrinth.