McGregor Church Session

  • clerk of session

    Hank Windley

    (also serves on Worship Committee)

  • communications committee

    Debby Griffis

  • congregational care and outreach committee

    Sue Ishimori

  • education committee

    Michelle Smith

  • fellowship committee

    Anita Osborn

  • Finance committee

    Steve de Kozlowski

  • missions committee

    Mary Ellen Thompson

  • Missions committee

    Melanie Clarkson

  • personnel committee

    Louise Carter

  • property committee

    Stacey Gibson

  • property committee

    Carolyn Holland

  • worship committee

    Debbie Grabbatin

  • Church treasurer

    Marisa Adams is McGregor's volunteer Treasurer. She has been a McGregor member for over eight years. She is the Global Carolina Business Operations and Human Resources Director at USC. Marisa is a graduate of the University of Maryland, with a BA in Russian Language and Literature, and an MS in Environmental Management.