Memorial Garden, Columbarium, and Labyrinth

McGregor Presbyterian Church's Memorial Garden, Columbarium, and Labyrinth provide a peaceful setting for reflection and meditation while exemplifying the traditional ministry of the church to provide dignified, Christian burial.

The Columbarium in the Memorial Garden provides a permanent resting place, in wall niches, for the ashes of loved ones.

A scattering area is also available for ashes of loved ones. Plaques inscribed with names and dates of birth and death are available for purchase in memory of those whose ashes have been scattered, as well as for others that members want to be remembered.


Click here for more information on the Columbarium’s wall niches and memory plaques.


Commemorative bricks for the walkways leading to the Memorial Garden and Labyrinth can be purchased in memory of or in honor of loved ones. Click here to learn how you can purchase a commemorative brick for the pathways to the garden.

Walking the labyrinth

We invite you to visit McGregor's labyrinth for a spiritual walk surrounded by God's good and beautiful creation.  Walking the labyrinth is an ancient prayer practice. The labyrinth itself is a winding path that reminds us of our spiritual journey - a journey inward, and then a journey outward.

You walk the labyrinth as an aid to contemplative prayer and reflection. As you wind your way around, approaching the center, you gradually let go of the concerns of the day. You can view it as a centering exercise to help you focus on God.

For suggestions on how to walk the labyrinth, click here.