Staff Profiles

McGregor Preschool staff members are dedicated, experienced, and educated professionals, committed to providing the best possible preschool experience for your child.

  • Christine Manley - Preschool Director

    Christine (Chris) Manley is the Director of McGregor Preschool.  She is a graduate of Villa Julie College in Maryland and Converse College in South Carolina with a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education and minor in Children in Healthcare.  Years ago, Chris was the Spanish teacher at McGregor Preschool and at several community centers.

    Christine and her husband, James, live in the Irmo/Columbia area and enjoy their five amazing daughters and eight grandchildren - most of whom attended McGregor Preschool.  They also enjoy traveling and visiting with family abroad (South America) and throughout the states.  Chris' hobbies include gardening and outdoor anything when not enjoying her family.  Her favorite times are with James on their deck with all 18+ kiddos of all ages visiting and laughing while grilling birthday dinners and watching an occasional good football game.

  • LISA RASNICK - Business Manager

    Lisa is our preschool business manager. She began teaching at McGregor in 2002 starting in our 1-year-old class then moving to the 4-year-old class.  She holds a BS degree from California State University, Northridge. Lisa is married and has two daughters and enjoys scuba diving, reading and cross stitching.

  • Jessica Buntin - 1 Year Old Class

    Jessica teaches our 1-year-old classes. 

  • Suzanne "Zan" Eckstrom - 1 Year Old Class

    Zan teaches our 1-year-old class.  She received a BS degree from the University of South Carolina.  She has over 40 years of teaching experience.  Zan is married and has three children and five grandchildren, she also lives in the Irmo area.  Zan enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, and her animals.  She also enjoys reading, puzzles, and traveling to the beach and the mountains.

  • Chanchal Jayaraj - 2 Year Old Class

    Chanchal teaches our 2-year-old class.  She received a BA in Communicative English. She has over 4 years teaching experience.  Chanchal is married and has one child.  She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and gardening.

  • Sally Stuart - 2 Year Old Class

    Sally teaches our 2-year-old class.  She has received her BA and MA from Columbia International University. She has over 19 years of teaching experience. Sally is married they have four children and ten grandchildren.  She and her husband served as missionaries in Latin America.  She also enjoys walks with her husband, spending time with family, board games, reading, and working jigsaw puzzles.

  • Leslie Cervantes - 2 Year Old Class

    Leslie teaches our 2-year-old class.  She received her degree from SC Independent Association of Homeschools. She has over 12 years teaching experience.  Leslie is married and has two children. Her hobbies include photography, crafting, reading anything on Reese's Book Club list, and traveling with her family.  She is also actively involved in her children's sports.

  • randall russell - 2 Year Old Class

    Randall teaches our 2-year-old class three days a week.

  • Ayla brock - 3 Year Old Class

    Ayla teaches our 3-year-old class. 

  • RaSheena Delaney - 3 Year Old Class

    Rasheena teaches our 3-year-old class.  She is currently completing her degree in Elementary Education at Phoenix University.  Rasheena is married and has two children.  She enjoys spending time doing DIY projects and being creative.

  • hedda bell - 3 Year Old Class

    Hedda teaches our 3-year-old class. She has degree in Early Childhood Education from Midlands Technical College. She has over 10 years of teaching experience. She is married and they have three children, they are also a foster family. She enjoys spending time with her family, outdoor activities, the beach and football!

  • JENNY GANTT - 3 Year Old Class

    Jenny teaches our 3-year-old class.  She has a degree from the University of South Carolina.  She has been a teaching for over 20 years teaching experience and she also worked for the federal government for 10 years prior coming to McGregor. Jenny is married with two children and two grandchildren. Jenny enjoys visits with her children, grandchildren, and evenings eating out with friends.

  • Natasha dinkins - 4 year Old Class

    Natasha teaches our 4-year-old class.

  • Joy Coleman - 4 Year Old Class

    Joy teaches the 4-year-old class.  She has a BS degree from Paine College and a MA degree in Education from Columbia College.  She has over 28 years teaching experience and has retired from Richland School District One.  Joy is married and lives in the Irmo area, they have one daughter and three grandchildren and her 3-year-old grandchild will be attending at McGregor.  She enjoys reading, shopping, watching television, and spending time with her grandchildren.

  • Kinga "Kiki" Easter - 4 Year old Class

    Kiki teaches our 4-year-old class.  She has a Early Childhood Education degree from  University of South Carolina. She has over 8 years of teaching experience.  Kiki is married and has 3 children and her 1-year-old daughter will be attending McGregor.  She enjoys spending time with her family, crafting, going out on the lake, and anything outdoors.

  • elaine bouknight - 4 year old class

    Elaine teaches our 4-year-old class.

  • kemaunie thomas - Musical Arts

    Kemaunie will be leading our music classes.